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Internet forensics

Internet forensics
The investigation of criminal activity that has occurred on the Internet. It deals with the analysis of the origins, contents, patterns and transmission paths of e-mail and Web pages as well as browser history and Web server scripts and header messages.

What is network forensics GCSE? Network forensics refers to the monitoring and analysing of data on a computer system. ... Data being analysed is volatile i.e. it is there one second and gone the next, so network forensics methods have to have some way of capturing packets of data.

Forensic analysis refers to a detailed investigation for detecting and documenting the course, reasons, culprits, and consequences of a security incident or violation of rules of the organization or state laws. Forensic analysis is often linked with evidence to the court, particularly in criminal matters.

Duration: 4 Days
Modules: 20 Modules
Training Cost: Rs.15000